Joanna and fucked with vegetables

Joanna dominated

Some girls get off on the complaint. As you tie them, fuck them, and use them, they are going to whine, moan, cry and beg for mercy every single moment, but they’ll never actually use their safeword. Other girls act more stoically. They want to show that they are good toys, and get off on you using them for your pleasure without a single complaint. You can do whatever humiliating, painful and sadistic thing to them, and you may get a moan or a whimper, but you’ll never get a single word of complaint. It becomes amusing to see what you can do to these submissive sluts without them ever making a sound of complaint.

Joanna Sweet is such a sexy little bondage slut in her corset and panties, though Nick Lang much prefers her when she’s out of them, naked, and with her pussy spread open for his use. Since she’s not going to complain, he puts her mouth to good use on his cock, and then ties her down so he can fuck her, and then fill her with a couple of choice vegetables. She’s such a good little toy that you wouldn’t even know that she’s suffering, except for the little sounds she makes. Nick gets tired of even that soon enough and fills her mouth while he fucks her just the way he likes.

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Clamps and Bondage

clamps and bondage

It takes very few tools when you want to torment a particularly tough little masochistic slut. Most people think that when they get used to more toys, you just need to add even more, try new tricks, when sometimes the exact opposite is true. Go back to basics, use the minimum you need and just get inventive when you truly want to push them past their limits. Many of our sadists love the challenge of these little painsluts, because they get to go back and find the simplest ways they can torment them in extreme ways.

Little Missy is one of our more extreme submissives, she is always quite the workout for whomever gets to work on her, since they have to come up with new torments for her tight little body. This time, it’s all about rope, and positioning. She forgot what you can do with some rope, and a few props. Nothing drains a submissive little painslut like making them strain against weird predicaments, and making them choose between one kind of torment and another. She gets through forced orgasms, single leg positions, and harsh suspensions before we wear her out.

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Slave Training Video

slave training

Many little submissive sluts think that once they’ve survived an experience with one Dom, they won’t have any problems with any others that they submit to. They don’t understand that every Dom has their own types of humiliation, pain, and suffering that they love to heap on their poor little subs. It’s especially true when a sub goes from a female trainer to a male one, there are whole different ways they will end up humiliated, especially when there’s a nice hard fucking involved, and especially when Master Frank gets his hands on them.

Chloe Bright had her first experience with a dominatrix, who tested her pain and humiliation thresholds in one way. She thought she was ready for a session with Master Frank because she wanted even more pain and humiliation. She might have received more than she bargained for, because Master Frank gets a look at her tight little blonde-haired body and you can practically see the sadist come up out of him. He whips her, ties her up, humiliates her, and then fucks her tight little pussy until he can’t stand her crying and gags her up tight. Only when he’s finished with her does he finally let her go, when she’s proven she is going to beg for his cum.

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Amateur Slave Training

amateur slave

Working on amateur painsluts is always such an invigorating experience, since the reactions they give are so much more honest then ‘professionals’. With an amateur you can get them squirming, pleading and begging with just a few threats, and the thought of what you’ll do to them, it’s even better when you get to watch their exquisite pleasure when you actually apply the clamps, or the whips to their bodies. Their pain comes out unguarded, and the screams end up so delicious.

This particularly sexy little submissive slut was nervous right from the start, which makes things even better. So she couldn’t escape we started with a little light rope bondage and then teased her nipples so she didn’t think things would get too bad. Unfortunately for her that was only so she might relax a bit so we could really start working on her. She was so new, and so sweet, that the most minor of pain and sensation had her moaning and crying. Sometimes it’s the easy ones that are the best, because you can get them crying so easily.

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Krysta is bound, tortured, and forced to cum

Krysta bound and tortured

Some of the best scenes are not the ones that start cruel quickly. The best toys, and the best punishments are the ones where our little submissive sluts don’t realize just how torturous they can be until they’ve started really working on them. It’s oh so amusing to see their faces change from relief at such an easy torment, into something much more intense and then it dawns on them that they are in for so much more torment then they originally thought.

Krysta is one of those thin, flexible girls that seems to be just a slinky, like you can’t find a position she might find hard. Well, Pope certainly finds out the limits of her flexibility in this hot scene that involves stretching her pussy out with a predicament device, and then bending her backwards over an intense flogging stand. This tattooed slut just come back and whimpers, and begs, and pleads for more, and Pope is certainly willing to give her more, and more, especially when he sees how her body reacts to orgasm after orgasm.

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Sophie is bound and forced to perform outside

sadist sex outside - video

Some girls have quite the fantasies running through their heads, and they think that they are just too dark for them to ever have their chance. Well, we just love making those fantasies a reality, especially when it means we get the chance to tie up and ravish someone like Sophie Lynn. She wanted to feel helpless, and we definitely gave her that, especially when we strung her up, cut her clothes off and fucked her pretty, tight little pussy out in the middle of the woods. She pleaded so well, but her sopping wet pussy told us just how much she got off on living out one of her hottest, darkest fantasies.

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Andy is Gagged, Flogged, and Violated on video


Such pretty girls are out there, with such dirty fantasies. Fantasies of being tied up and held helpless while they are forced to suck cock, or they are opened and exposed as the plaything of some sadistic top. They have the vision in their heads that they will be tough and they will struggle as they ‘suffer’ beautifully, but they will get used as toys in the end. They think they want dirty, nasty, bondage sex, but they also don’t realize that when a sadist gets a hold of them, they want them to suffer and beg, to feel like they are nothing but a fucktoy for their personal use.

Andy wasn’t really sure what we meant when we told her she would get the fucking of her life, but we know she didn’t expect this. Frank saw her sweet body and just couldn’t leave it with just filling her holes with his hard cock. He brought out his favorite set of nipple clamps just to hear her moan when they went on her perky breasts, and then flogged her back until it glowed red. She made sure she choked hard on his cock to get him nice and hard before he tied her to the floor and abused her tight little ass. He fucked her so hard she was begging for it to stop before he finally left her with a big load of his cum.

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Chary gets Raped


Certain girls have to be on edge all the time. They think they have to be in control every second of every day, and so they just think they have to maintain that control no matter what. They think that if they lose control, it is the end of the world. Those are the girls that need to get used the most, and we love to turn their fantasies around on them and let them see how freeing it can be when they are subject to some intense bondage, humiliation and fucking out of their control.

Chary wanted a nice little fantasy where she got to satisfy the curiosity of some fan’s head, where she would play with them, they would take off, and that would be it. She had no idea that when our anti-fan came in, she would receive the fucking of her life. He flashed his knife, and made her strip down and get on her knees so she could suck his hard cock. That’s when she realized she had no control at all. It was like flipping a switch when he tied her up and exposed her totally, you could see her get into it as he fucked her helplessly. For a little while, she lost total control as she became his little fucktoy, and by the end she practically begged him to use her every way he could.

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Tied up and Fucked

tied up and fucked

We get girls that become practically addicted to our facilities and to the extreme punishments and stimulation that only we can give them. They come back again and again as we prove that we can stretch their limits, and make them cry out with pain, pleasure or merely begging for us to stop or for more. They always seem to think that they have their likes and dislikes absolutely figured out, but we show them that there’s more than they can ever think of.

Marie MacCray is a rope bondage slut like few others, but she still doesn’t understand how ‘extreme’ rope bondage and stimulation can get. She thinks that she doesn’t get off on getting fucked in her cute little pussy, but a nice hard finger fucking while she’s bend over proves that wrong. She thinks that the Hitachi is her best friend, but when she ends up tied down and caned hard across her ass and thighs, the Hitachi makes her beg for mercy again and again. She says she hates anal, but when we hang her up with a nice anal hook she is soon moaning into her gag. We take this rope slut who thinks she has everything figured out, and teach her that no matter what, there is more out there then she has figured out.

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Forced Blowjob

forced blowjob

There are some sluts you just can’t keep to yourself, you know? They are too much to keep in private, they demand too much attention, and are too much public whores for them to get satisfied with just little private appearances here and there. They need everyone watching them get fucked, they need the humiliation of being exposed to groups of strangers, so they can feel all the eyes on them as they get nasty.

Luckily we have a few spots where we get a nice crowd where they close the doors and let us give their patrons a treat. So we are able to take Annika Albright out to one of our special bars, and all the patrons get a surprise as they see a naked, horny slut dragged into the bar. That’s only the beginning though. They get to fondle her, admire her body and give suggestions to Princess Donna on how the nasty slut gets used, humiliated, spanked, flogged and fucked. She ends up filled every way you can imagine while the crowd cheers her on. She ends up tied down at one point so she can’t try to get away as she gets made to cum hard in front of a room full of strangers.

Images and Video of her ordeal HERE

Hot Wax, Needles, Pins, and Canes Oh My!

nipple torture

Submissive women are hot especially if they love being tortured and humiliated. This older woman is not just submissive but she has a high tolerance for pain and gets off on being used and abused by her master. He strips her naked save for her shoes and a collar and ties her hands to the ceiling above so she can’t move. She is helpless and at his mercy, just the way he likes it. He brings out a long cane and proceeds to beat her bare bottom until it turns bright pink.

He then elongates her nipples and clasps them with clothes pins. Her boobs turn bright pink as pain shots through her body but that is just the beginning of the torture as the master then twirls the clothes pins around really fast before running two needles through her bruised and bleeding nipples. He ups the pain level by piercing two needles through her shaved pussy lips in the crisscross position. As if all the needlework isn’t painful enough, he grabs a burning candle and proceeds to drip very hot wax on the woman’s chest and all over her nipples and pussy with the needles still stuck in them.

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Sex Slave gets Breasts Flogged


Many, many submissive painsluts out there don’t know what they truly crave until they meet someone teaches them. They get a master that sees the little submissive in them demanding discipline, and with an order, and the flick of a whip will get them on their knees before even they know what they are doing. It can be a realization for them, and when they touch their submissive side, they never go back, not that they don’t require a lesson once in a while as they are learning their ropes.

This master decided to train his new submissive slut slave in humiliation and pain by putting her on the cross and videotaping their session. She was supposed to get a ‘learning’ experience out of it, especially to learn that when he wants every part of her body at attention, he will get it. He gives her luscious tits a good whipping as a start, but that’s only the start. He yanks down her panties and really gets to work by rubbing her over to make sure she’s good and wet before he starts spanking her ass. The humiliation isn’t over for this submissive little painslut though, because he makes sure she’s on all fours and begging before he is anywhere near done with her.

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Public Square Humiliation

sadist sex
Some little sluts think that their service only comes in private, that when they get out into the world they are not their master’s slaves. They think it’s an excuse to behave badly and act out in public, because after all, what are their master’s going to do about it?

This little slut thought she could misbehave in public, so her punishment was more suited in a public place as well. She was bound, gagged, and forced to stand in the public square where anyone could watch as she took her punishment. Only after the crowd got their fill of pictures and catcalls was she dragged off into an ally where she was allowed the privilege of sucking off her master’s cock. The little slut had quite a day in public, forced nude into the subways, and then out into the forest for some extreme sadist sex. Next time his little slut will think twice about acting up while in public.

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Hot Group Sadist Sex Scene


We keep a few clubs in our index where we can take sluts that really need to be used and abused by as many guys as we can get our hands on. These are cunts that think they can never get enough cock, and they just want the chance to act like little fucktoys so that as many guys can get off over their bodies as possible.

This time we had a hot little blonde chick that said she was experienced in orgies and gang-bangs, but never felt like she was really used. Of course, we had just the place where we were sure that we could fix that. We went to a local joint where they were used to us, and strung her up in the middle of the room, so everyone could see while we punished her body with some pain. Once she was loosened up, it was game on, and everyone got the chance to use any hole they wanted on this fucktoy.

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Real, Public BDSM Convention

sadistic sex 8

Some people could argue that this scene brings sadistic sex to new levels of extreme, almost too dangerous even for the Internet. Watch this blonde haired bitch get what she deserves when both pain and pleasure are given to her at once. As her throat is closed off by someone’s bare hand, she’s restrained by another two pairs of hands as a fourth person uses a very powerful vibrator on her aching pussy. She loves the feeling of her clit being stimulated at the same time as her airway being shut off. This is some kinky sadistic sex and should only be attempted by the horniest of sluts.

Public BDSM convention, rules don’t apply!

Public Theatre Humilition!

sadistic sex 7

Those are some beat up titties! This girl has engaged in some hot sadistic sex action between her and three other guys. She loves the feeling of total loss of control and all three of them love showing this bitch who’s boss. With her tits tied up until they turned purple, these guys were shoving their cocks in every orifice she had to offer. The feeling of a hard cock plunging into her throat and pussy in this hot double penetration action really turned her on. It turned her on so much that she needed to have more of this sadistic sex in order to achieve breathless wet orgasms that seemed to really hit the spot by the end of the scene.

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Humiliated at the Bar

sadistic sex 6

Call this torture if you want but to us it’s sadistic sex, where pain and pleasure both come together in the hottest sexual activities. Watch this babe get tied up and finger fucked in this hot gangbang of 5 people today. She had been a naughty girl and they all wanted to make her aware of that as they pulled at her big tits and used the buzzing vibrator on her raging clit. She enjoyed the feeling of not having control which attributed to multiple orgasms on her part. The guy was enjoying the feeling of diving into her tight cunt with his large adventurous fingers. She ended up sucking off his large cock by the end of this scene. Sadistic sex has never been as much fun as it has been in this hot scene.

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Group Sex at the Mechanic’s Garage

sadistic sex 5

This girl had no idea what kind of hot sadistic sex she’d be up for that day when she replied to ad in the local paper. She was needed for a local fetish gangbang where she would play along with them and submit to whatever activities they needed her to be apart of. She was surprised but willing to go along with their hot sadistic sex fantasy. The one guy tied her up by the neck and fucked her with her on top. Every time she would misbehave or do something wrong, they would tug on the long rope suspended from her neck until she got it right. Fucking her sweet pussy led to multiple orgasms and a thick load of cum on her beautiful face.

Talk about a great peep show while getting your oil changed!

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Fisted, Clamped, and Bound for Pain

sadistic sex 4

Sadistic sex isn’t always about pain, it’s about pleasure too. In this hot bdsm scene, a woman perhaps in her 20s is being tied up and finger fucked by another woman. She’s lying there with her feet tied up and her wrists tied to the table, waiting to see what was coming her way next. Her mistress slides a finger gently into the opening of her pussy and finger fucks her like crazy! Watch her sweet juices explode out of her cunt in this series of pictures, just imagine what this might taste like. Being restrained like this and having multiple orgasms was just what this submissive woman needed.

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Forced to Service at the Pub

sadistic sex 3

This day couldn’t have been any better for the three of them. The girl was submissive to her two guy friends over at their house on a boring, rainy Saturday afternoon without anything to do.  The second that the two men suggested her getting gang banged in a painful, yet pleasurable sadistic sex  act, she was all for it. This girl loved being tied up and railed in both her pussy and mouth. Double penetration was actually one of her hottest fantasies and it also gives her the hottest orgasms. If you asked this horny babe out for some sadistic sex next time, I’m sure she’d be up for it.

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Slut Required to Accept Random Cocks in Public

spublic disgrace

A few sluts seem built to be abused, you can’t give them enough cock, or enough pussy for them to lick, no matter how much they take, they are always up for more. They get too familiar with their usual boys, and then they require some new kind of fucking to really push them further, and there’s few better places to do that then in public.

This slut didn’t think she could handle being taken to a public sex shop and set up for use by any cock that happened by, so I knew that it was time for a little sadist sex. When the first guys wandered by and took their turns groping her naked body it didn’t take long before she begged for the guys cocks. They lined up for the privilege of fucking her tight cunt or sampling her deep throat skills. She fucked everyone that came through the store and ended up coated in loads from plenty of guys like the public slut she is.

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Ball Gagged and Fucked in Museum

sadistic sex 2

Who says pain can’t be mixed with pleasure? This sexy chocolate babe is submitting to this horny couple in this hot scene. The girl in the middle has never been involved in sadistic sex and this will be her first time. She loves the idea of being gagged, finger fucked and having her tits slapped around by this open and horny couple. She moans with delight as her pussy gets a well deserved finger fuck by the girl. Then her tits get squeezed really hard, bringing a tear to her eye as she moans with the gag ball in her mouth. This truly was an experience to remember.

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Public Sex in the Station

sadistic sex 1

This group of horny girls couldn’t wait to get together tonight. They are all into bdsm and nothing turns them on more than a hot, rough and painful sadistic sex session. The brunette in the middle of this picture is in for a fucking of her life as she is tied up and penetrated from behind by another girl wearing strap on dildo. Watch as the dark haired girl in front of her slaps her around a bit as she’s being railed from behind. She loves the feeling of sadistic sex and knowing she can’t do anything about the pain just adds to the pleasure.

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Fucked at the Restaurant

sadistic sex 10

Gagging on his cock was the least of her worries. This babe was ready to submit to anyone in the room during this sadistic sex session and enjoyed it. With her mouth held wide open by an oral device, she took the cocks of everyone in the room. Her hands were tied up behind her back and of course her legs were restricted as well. Enjoying herself, she begged for more cock and eventually lied down in the doggy style position and began to take their cocks hard in her ass and pussy. Nothing ends a sadistic sex session better than a few loads of cum and a very soaked pussy. She’d definitely do this again sometime soon!

Restaurant disgrace!

Ashamed on the Train

sadistic sex 9If she knew she’s was being tied up in this sadistic sex act and fucked with an over sized dildo, she might have changed her mind before hand. She and two other girls were getting together for some kinky sex that night. A few shots and beers later and this bitch was completely naked, tied up and being fucked by a huge fucking dildo by her two friends. She enjoys the loss of control the ropes bring to the session but when the dildo went inside of her, she screamed because the size of the dildo was simply unbearable to endure. One of her friends massaged her clit to ease the sensation of this sadistic sex act but it only helped a little. A few gushing orgasms later, they were all drinking again, having a great time.

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